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A Night to Remember

An audio-only Novella

Poppy Pullman has her life all planned out. Her social media is carefully curated. Her list of extracurriculars is flawless. All so she can achieve her ultimate goal: Stanford. Her best friends say she’s missing out. But Poppy’s playing a long game. And the morning of her Stanford alumni interview, she’s positive everything is going to work out.


Then she wakes up, the morning after her alumni interview, with a bump on her head and absolutely no memory of the last 24 hours. And it was apparently a really eventful 24 hours?

There’s a St. Bernard in the kitchen. There’s a shirtless Italian exchange student in the den. And worst off all, she’s locked out of her Instagram. Which the alumni interviewer needs to access…or her Stanford acceptance is in jeopardy.

So Poppy – with help from her friends – has to race against the clock. They have to figure out what happened, in hopes of unlocking her Instagram account. But with every answer they get, more questions remain.


Why did she get a haircut and a new wardrobe? How does Jonah, the cute barista, fit into this? And what made this type-A planner finally decide to throw caution to the wind?


Because as Poppy follows the clues, she realizes she had more fun in the last 24 hours than she’s had in the past 18 years. And she’s starting to think that sometimes, the most life-changing days… are the ones you never saw coming.

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